Isoproply Wipes

  • 70% Isopropanol Wipe

    70% Isopropanol Wipe

    Sheet Material Non-woven, Spunlace Sheet Size 120*150mm,120*180mm ,12*20mm. Bag Material Paper+Alv+PE   PET+Alv+PE Bag Size 60*80mm Active ingredients: 70% Isoproply, Ro-water, Logo Easy Wonderful Or Customized SAMPLES Free USAGE For killing germsFor cleaning object surfaceFor removing the stains in the clothes  For cleaning shoes For cleaning glasses,i phone,pad,computer,screen and etc. Or we can do as you required. Details Product facts: 70% Isoproply, Ro-water, non-wov...
  • 75% Alcohol Wet Cleaning Wipes

    75% Alcohol Wet Cleaning Wipes

    sheet Size 10*12cm 15*15cm 15*18cm 18*20cm 15*20cm 20*20cm ect Sheet Material Non-woven,spunlace non woven,wet strength,airlaid paper Sachet Size 5*5.7cm,5*7cm,6*8cm,7*14cm, 6*14cm, 7*17cm etc Sachet Material PET+PE,OPP,OPP+PE ,PE+ALU+PAPER Alcohol Non alcohol, 75% alcohol, according your request perfume  any,lemon is the most popular Certificate :ISO9001:2008,MSDS Design:Accoring customer’s request Application: airline, restaurent, hotel,coffee bar,office,school or othe...