• LoRa Upgrade! Will it Support Satellite Communications, What New Applications will be Unlocked?

    LoRa Upgrade! Will it Support Satellite Communications, What New Applications will be Unlocked?

    Editor: Ulink Media In the second half of 2021, British space startup SpaceLacuna first used a radio telescope in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands, to reflect LoRa back from the moon. This was definitely an impressive experiment in terms of the quality of the data capture, as one of the messages even contained a complete LoRaWAN® frame. Lacuna Speed uses a set of low-Earth orbit satellites to receive information from sensors integrated with Semtech’s LoRa equipment and ground-based radio fre...
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  • Eight Internet of Things (IoT) Trends for 2022

    Software engineering firm MobiDev says the Internet of Things is probably one of the most important technologies out there, and has a lot to do with the success of many other technologies, such as machine learning. As the market landscape evolves over the next few years, it is vital for companies to keep an eye on events. “Some of the most successful companies are those that think creatively about evolving technologies,” says Oleksii Tsymbal, chief innovation officer at MobiDev....
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  • Security of IOT

    Security of IOT

    What is IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a group of devices connected to the Internet. You might think of devices like laptops or smart TVS, but IoT extends beyond that. Imagine an electronic device in the past that was not connected to the Internet, such as the photocopier, the refrigerator at home or the coffee maker in the break room. The Internet of Things refers to all devices that can connect to the Internet, even the unusual ones. Almost any device with a switch today has the poten...
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  • Street Lighting Provides an Ideal Platform for Interconnected Smart Cities

    Interconnected smart cities bring beautiful dreams. In such cities, digital technologies weave together multiple unique civic functions to improve operational efficiency and intelligence. It is estimated that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in smart cities, where life will be healthy, happy and safe. Crucially, it promises to be green, humanity’s last trump card against the destruction of the planet. But smart cities are hard work. New technologies are expensive, ...
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  • How does the Industrial Internet of Things save a factory millions of dollars a year?

    How does the Industrial Internet of Things save a factory millions of dollars a year?

    The Importance of Industrial Internet of Things As the country continues to promote new infrastructure and digital economy, the Industrial Internet of Things is emerging more and more in people’s eyes. According to statistics, the market size of China’s industrial Internet of Things industry will exceed 800 billion yuan and reach 806 billion yuan in 2021. According to the national planning objectives and the current development trend of China’s Industrial Internet of Thi...
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  • What is Passive Sensor?

    Author: Li Ai Source: Ulink Media What is Passive Sensor? Passive sensor is also called energy conversion sensor. Like the Internet of Things, it does not need external power supply, that is, it is a sensor that does not need to use external power supply, but also can obtain energy through external sensor. We all know that sensors can be divided into touch sensors, image sensors, temperature sensors, motion sensors, position sensors, gas sensors, light sensors and pressure sensors according t...
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  • What are VOC、VOCs and TVOC?

    What are VOC、VOCs and TVOC?

    1. VOC VOC substances refer to volatile organic substances. VOC stands for Volatile Organic compoundS. VOC in general sense is the command of generative organic matter; But the definition of environmental protection refers to a kind of volatile organic compounds that are active, that can produce harm. In fact, VOCs can be divided into two categories: One is the general definition of VOC, only what is volatile organic compounds or under what conditions are volatile organic compounds; The othe...
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  • Innovation and Landing — Zigbee will develop strongly in 2021, laying a solid foundation for continued growth in 2022

    Innovation and Landing — Zigbee will develop strongly in 2021, laying a solid foundation for continued growth in 2022

    Editor’s Note: This is a post from Connectivity Standards Alliance. Zigbee brings full-stack, low-power and secure standards to smart devices. This market-proven technology standard connects homes and buildings around the world. In 2021, Zigbee landed on Mars in its 17th year of existence, with more than 4,000 certifications and impressive momentum. Zigbee in 2021 Since its release in 2004, Zigbee as a wireless mesh network standard has gone through 17 years, years is the evolution of t...
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  • The Difference between IOT and IOE

    The Difference between IOT and IOE

    Author: Anonymous user Link: https://www.zhihu.com/question/20750460/answer/140157426 Source: Zhihu IoT: The Internet of Things. IoE: The Internet of Everything. The concept of IoT was first proposed around 1990. The IoE concept was developed by Cisco (CSCO), and Cisco CEO John Chambers spoke out on the IoE concept at CES in January 2014. People cannot escape the limitations of their time, and the value of the Internet began to be realized around 1990, shortly after it began, when the underst...
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  • About Zigbee EZSP UART

    Author:TorchIoTBootCamp Link:https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/339700391 From:Quora 1. Introduction Silicon Labs has offered a host+NCP solution for Zigbee gateway design. In this architecture, the host can communicates with the NCP through UART or SPI interface. Most commonly, UART is used as it’s much simpler than SPI. Silicon Labs has also provided a sample project for the host program, which is the sample Z3GatewayHost. The sample runs on a Unix-like system. Some customers may want a...
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  • Cloud Convergence: Internet of Things devices based on LoRa Edge are connected to Tencent cloud

    LoRa Cloud™ location-based services are now available to customers through Tencent Cloud Iot development platform, Semtech announced at a media conference on 17th Jan, 2022. As part of LoRa Edge™ geolocation platform, LoRa Cloud is officially integrated into Tencent Cloud iot development platform, enabling Chinese users to quickly connect LoRa Edge-based iot devices to the Cloud, combined with Tencent Map’s highly trusted and high-coverage Wi-Fi location capabilities. For Chinese enterp...
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  • Four Factors Make Industrial AIoT the New Favorite

    Four Factors Make Industrial AIoT the New Favorite

    According to the recently released Industrial AI and AI Market Report 2021-2026, the adoption rate of AI in industrial Settings increased from 19 percent to 31 percent in just over two years. In addition to 31 percent of respondents who have fully or partially rolled out AI in their operations, another 39 percent are currently testing or piloting the technology. AI is emerging as a key technology for manufacturers and energy companies worldwide, and IoT analysis predicts that the industrial A...
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